Member Information

Grand Forks Traill Water District is a member-owned utility

Member's Responsibility
  1. Any member may not build any structures, sidewalks or roads within 15 ft of a curbstop or gate valve.  if this is done, it becomes the member's responsibility for any repair that may occur now or in the future.
  2. Trees, shrubs, fences, or LP tanks may not be places within 15 ft of any waterline or water appurtenance such as a curbstop, gate valve or manhole.  If this occurs, the removal and cost shall be borne by the member responsible.  The district shall not pay for or replace any of the above if they were placed or planted after installation of the water appurtenance.
  3. Members are responsible to submit monthly meter readings, writing down all of the digits on the billing card.  If a member continually fails to submit meter readings, the District will send a meter reader to read the meter at a $20 charge per trip.  Remote meters are only for members convenience.  The water meter must be read to check the remote's accuracy.
  4. NSF check charges are $25.  Cash or money orders are required to pay a NSF check.  A new check issued will not be accepted!
  5. Members are not allowed to operate their own curbstop.  Only district employees may do this.
  6. Whenever an error is discovered in a customers billing, whether as a result of an inaccurate water meter or for any other reason resulting in an overcharge or undercharge for water usage, the billing shall be corrected for the period of time the error existed and that can be reasonably determined.  The member is responsible to submit actual monthly meter readings, from the water meter not the remote, if you have one.
  7. Any member that removes their water meter to avoid usage payment or does not install their meter properly (or at all) shall be subject to a $1,000 penalty and/or disconnect from the water system by the Board of Directors.
Remember: If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your water system or its employees, please do not hesitate to contact any of your Board of Directors.